PP flame protection

PP flame protection

In many applications, especially in the electrical and construction industries, higher requirements of flame-resistance need to be achieved.

For this reason, MACOMASS offers a basic range of especially flame-resistant PP qualities. These qualities cover the common regulations and standards, for example, UL 94 V0-V2, VDE 0207 glowing wire test as well as DIN 4102 B1. Both halogenated and non-halogenated flame-resistant materials are used.
All formulations in the MACOMASS range are guaranteed free of polybrominated diphenyl ether and comply with the RoHS.

A whole new standard of flame-resistant PP compounds can be achieved through the targeted usage of nano-particles. These high-quality, non-halogen formulations reduce the smoke gas density in above average quantities. The plastic extinguishes by itself as chemical reactions form a crust which suppresses the supply of oxygen. MACOMASS has until today delivered PP compounds with nano-scale layer silicates in the colours white, natural and black. Colouring nano-flame-resistant PP compounds is only possible to a limited extent so far.

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MACOMASS PP-Compounds with flame protection

MM-PP MFR 230°C/2,16 kg Density in g/cm³ Tensile strength
in N/mm²
Notched impact strength
23°C in KJ/m²
flame resistance Datasheet
HE 84 1,0 1,05 22 2 V-0 Download
BG 84 6,5 1,04 18 3 V-0 Download