The compounding or mixing of two or more base polymers, is known as polymer blends, polyblend or even as polymer alloying.

The aim of blend technology is to bring together the benefits of various base polymers in one material. In some polymer blends, like for example, PC/ABS, even synergetic effects occur.
The modification of polymer materials by using blend technology and filling of matrix polymers with particulate fillers is a main part of our development activities.

MACOMASS polymer blends are compiled, formulated and compounded while taking specific criteria into consideration, including, resistance, toughness, ease of flow, dimensional stability and weather resistance.

MACOMASS can provide you, among other things, with polymer blends in the following combinations: PP/PA, PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PBT/ASA and PA 6/ABS.
Additional polymer alloys can be acquired upon request.

We’ll be happy to compile your own individual offer!