Polyamid (PA)

Polyamid (PA)

Polyamides are the most important technical construction materials when it comes to the processing of plastics. The main benefits of polyamide are its high impact resistance, its very good sliding and friction behaviour, together with its outstanding thermal properties.

MACOMASS supplements the positive material properties of polyamide with our finishing know-how on customer-optimised PBT compounds. Reinforcements incorporated into MACOMASS polyamide compounds in the form of glass fibres and/or glass beads, carbon fibres, etc., make it possible to give more stiffness, higher mechanical toughness and better heat resistance to the components under mechanical strain. With MACOMASS polyamide compounds, the main focus is on the base polymers PA 6, PA 6.6 and PA 12.

We can provide customer-specific finishes:

  • Glass fibre reinforcement at 50%
  • Glass bead reinforcement
  • Hybrid reinforcement from GF and GB
  • Carbon fibre reinforcement
  • CNT
  • Elastomer modification
  • Nucleating agent for short cycles
  • Flame protection, halogenated
  • Flame protection, non-halogen
  • We’re happy to produce special formulations for you on request

We’ll be happy to compile your own individual PA compound offer!