PP talc / chalk

PP Compounds with talc / chalk

Reinforcements in the form of glass fibres, glass beads, talc, chalk, carbon, mica or others embedded in MACOMASS polypropylene compounds give better stiffness, higher mechanical toughness and better heat resistance and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Talc is the most used filler with PP. It improves the stiffness, dimensional stability, heat resistance and creep behaviour.

The reinforcement of the PP compound with chalk brings about a small improvement in the stiffness while impact toughness values remain constant.

Alongside mica, which creates a pearlescent effect on the end part, MACOMASS also uses carbon fibres or barium sulphate for modifying PP compounds.

We’re happy to process your colour matches according to your requirements.
The MACOMASS basic range includes PP compounds based on homopolymers and copolymers in varying degrees of filling.

We’ll be happy to compile your own individual offer!

MACOMASS PP-Compounds with talc

MM-PP talc in % MFR 230°C/
2,16 kg
Density in
Tensile strength
in N/mm²
Notched impact strength
23°C in KJ/m²
HE22 40 2,4 1,24 30 3 Download
HI22 40 17 1,24 28 2 Download